Introducing our revolutionary 3D-printed UPcases

Allow us to introduce you to our amazing UPcases smart phone covers! With cutting-edge 3D technology, in combination with both fresh new designs, and a few old favourites, we bring you along to a new era of phone cases. We offer nothing less than the best of both worlds from 2D and 3D techniques; we have been able to combine the sharp, crisp, imagery that traditional 2D printing provides, and have brought it to the next dimension to provide texture and sensation. The products we offer are nothing less than beautiful sleek covers individually 3D printed in full colour.

Due to our ingenious techniques, our web shop offers designs not available anywhere else: Providing you with a truly unique product! The new and fully patented print technology gives us possibilities that are simply impossible with 'normal' 2D techniques. These words alone may not truly convey what 3D can do for your phone, but look at our covers, browse the web shop; our cases will baffle you, we promise.

Of course you can personalize your case to your liking by adding names, dates and so on. Every case is especially printed for you!

Your own (business) design

Our business proposal can best be caught under two slogans. Firstly "You name it, we make it", you can come to us with any design ideas that you might have, and we will, together with 3D artists try and create a cover wholly to your liking. We can then produce them for you for various phone models, and of course allow the possibility of individualising all of them. Another option is "Your design, our elevation technique", come to us with your own business logo, or any photo or design you may have, and we will elevate it using our 3D software, to create 3D covers out of your 2D designs.
Don't hesitate to contact us.